First post in 2018

Hello blog!

It’s been quite awhile that i blogged again. Blogged once last year and half a year was gone this year, here writing my first entry of the year -.-
I should probably revive my blogging again?
Let me recap on the past 6 months of 2018…

After years of procrastination, I finally took TOPIK II and luckily, passed with a level four! Hurray to myself for getting something off the bucket list.

Next, my Spring trip to Korea this year was a memorable one. Reunite with JY and finally met up with K (after like 1.5yrs of friendship?) I’m really grateful that JY came over to the airport to fetch me on my arrival to Busan as well as sending me off back to Seoul. It was really great to meet up again and blessed to have her to bring me around. Hope that JY is doing well now! After 1.5yrs of knowing K, we finally met up in real life. Exchanging messages, sharing thoughts and everyday life with someone, who will always stand at your side, comfort you when you are down or stressed with work. Hours before we actually met, I was really really super nervous, thinking that we might feel awkward even though we can talk about anything through online. On the other hand, I must be crazy enough to have agreed to meet up with K in a foreign country. Well, I’m glad I did so. At least I have no regrets. Luckily, we don’t feel awkward at all and in fact, I feel that it was like meeting a long time no see friend.

I finally took up some workshop lessons during my free time. Brush lettering calligraphy is my new found hobby. Speaking of that, I should start practising it again! Signed up for a new exercising lesson to keep myself fit and a good way to relieve my stress as well.

What’s up next? Stay tuned!

Hello 2017

A year has passed. Amazingly, I’ve only written one blog entry in 2016! A recap on the resolutions I made last year:

1) Read more books
2) Pick up a new skill
3) Exercise!
4) Spend more time with family
5) Travel to new places

I would say I have fulfilled almost all:)
I’m glad that I’ve travelled 4 times in 2016.
Cameron highland, Penang, Hong Kong and South Korea.

As usual, I’m gonna make new year resolutions for 2017:
1) To embrace new challenges and opportunities
2) To take TOPIK II test
3) To pick up a new skill
4) Stay fit and healthy
5) Blog more!

Hope everyone have a blessed year ahead!!

Hello 2016

2015. The year where I thought it’s a pretty smooth sailing year. Until a nightmare strike on the start of the last month of the year. It was too sudden and never did i know losing a close and loved one could be so torturing. Especially when it just happened. Life is fragile – you will never understand unless you really experience it. 2015 ended with sorrow and regrets.

Talking about the resolutions I’ve made:
1) To get TOPIK cert level 3/4
2) To visit Korea again
3) To try out kor-eng translation
3) To lead a healthier lifestyle
4) To pick up a new skill
5) To find a higher salary job with good prospects

Solo trip in Korea during the autumn, i did tried out kor-eng translations and changed my job.

My resolutions in 2016:
1) Read more books
2) Pick up a new skill
3) Exercise!
4) Spend more time with family
5) Travel to new places

May everyone stay healthy and happy in the new year!

151101 – Day 2 in Seoul

Highlights of the day: Haneul Park, In the Heights Musical, Noraebang

하늘공원 (Haneul Park)

Directions: Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium (월드컵경기장) Station

See the blue colour bridge? Walk towards it and you will reach the entrance to Haneul Park^^
Climb up 291 steps of stairs!
The view of World Cup Stadium when u climbed up to the top

When u reach the top of the stairs, turn right and walk towards the direction of Haneul Park.

Beautiful Eulalia grass everywhere. The best place for photoshoot^^
Definitely a place to go when you visit Korea during Autumn^^

Actually, i didn’t have the exact directions to Haneul Park beforehand and there were some problem with the data on my phone so I got lost. Luckily I managed to ask for help from a lady at the Pyeonghwa Park:)

Haneul Park is a good place for having picnics with family or friends. In addition, it is a instagram worthy place too^^ Beautiful eulalia grass everywhere~

In the Heights Musical
I was so lucky that I am able to catch Sunggyu and Dongwoo’s musical during this autumn. Bought my ticket in advance so that I would be able to get good seat. This was my 2nd korean musical and visit to Samsung Card Hall. I really enjoy watching musicals as all the performers can really sing well and they were so energetic. Photography/Videography is really really strict in Korea musical as they do not even allow taking photo in the hall before the musical start. Once you’re seated in the hall, you will be able to see the staffs walking around to check if anyone is taking photo. They will request you to delete the photo upon seeing you do so.

There were chinese and japanese subtitles showing on the two sides of the screen but I don’t really bother looking at them as I won’t be able to enjoy the musical. I am so glad that I was able to understand almost 70% of the content? Sunggyu’s singing was really good and i was totally so engrossed in his acting.

Directions: Exit 3 of Hapjeong(합정) Station.
Noraebang map hongdae

A Noraebang that caters specially for one to two pax. Yes, fulfilled one of my bucket list of going noraebang alone^^ The staff will ask you if you would prefer to use the speaker or headphone, in other words, holding the microphone versus using the headset as if you’re in a recording studio. Overall, it was a good experience and i would go again in my next trip^^

Reply 2015: Episode 1 & 2

24 March 2015

After knowing each other for about 2months, we started our first voice conversation. As this is our first time, both of us were quite awkward.
‘A’ has a really nice voice which I really like.
I’ve always imagined how ‘A’ sounds like, it was much better than my expectation. We talked for about an hour. During our conversation, we used our native languages at times, correcting each other’s mistakes, understanding each other.
Patience – I feel that this is what we have in common.

25 March 2015
We had our second conversation on the following day.
‘A’ started to talk about the songs he listened.
같은 시간 속의 너 – this is the song ‘A’ recommended
I talked about mine too.
The conversation went on for about an hour.
‘A’ suggested our next conversation to be on next week.
I am actually looking forward to it^^
Planning – the second thing we have in common.

Sidenote: In fact, when ‘A’ asked to voice talk with me, I am very very very nervous and wanted to reject at first. However, I do not want to disappoint ‘A’ so I accepted. Looks like I’ve made the correct decision?


It’s been really long ever since i wrote a blog post here. I should start to revive my blogging spirit;) Well…work has got really busy recently. How about my korean studies? Hmm…thanks to hellotalk app, I got to ‘know’ a few koreans and practise my korean writing and reading. But it’s really funny that although it should be a language exchange, most of the time, we are using korean in our conversation. I guess they are not used to expressing themselves in English?

I quite miss ‘E’ whom I have already lost contact with since last year after my trip. I do not know why ‘E’ suddenly disappear. Neither can be contacted through the app nor kakaotalk. I hope she’s doing well now and she has probably gone to the states to study music.

I really enjoy and cherish the conversation with ‘A’ and ‘W’ since earlier this year. Practising my banmal with ‘A’ and there was once I made a mistake by adding a ‘요’ unknowingly,  ‘A’ made a casual remark saying that i’m cute was so aww… I find that though ‘A’ is one year older than me, ‘A’ is much more mature (in terms of thinking) than me. I am actually quite surprised that one day ‘A’ told me that he wants to get married. Forgotten how we actually started this topic cos it was always random. Then we started to talk abt ideal partners, marriage culture in both countries, etc.

How abt ‘W’? I like that ‘W’ called me 누나 in the conversation. ‘W’ is attached by the way. I swear that I treat ‘W’ as my 談得來的弟弟. On V’day, ‘W’ even ‘showed off’ the presents he got from his girlfriend. Both of them must be a cute couple (i guess?)

Social media and technology bring people from all around the world together. Though we may be living miles away and different time zone, speak different native language, the kind of fate that we are sharing, is so amazing. Long distance relationship, in terms of friendship context, is not easy to maintain as well.

Till then…

Hello 2015

My first post in 2015. Well, I really hope 2015 can be a much better one than the previous. Yesterday, my mood was so bad due to some reasons (not so good to reveal here) but I’m so glad that I’m feeling a little bit better now. Haiz… Just as what that person told me, I should really improve on that aspect. I don’t think I would be able to have a 180 degree change in myself. I would just hold on to my decision.

Anyway, I will be working towards one of my goals for this year. Though I still have more than 6 months to d-day, I need to stop procrastinate!

Reflections and Resolutions

2014 has been a great and awesome year for me.
Finally, it’s time for me to review on 2014.

Let me list down my 2014 resolutions:
1. To visit Korea again in Autumn
2. Good job performance & smooth work flow
3. Learn guitar?
4. Try to get out of my usual comfort zone
5. Improve on my Korean
6. Pay off at least 30% of my tuition fee loan

I did went to Korea again in Autumn for about 2 weeks. Furthermore, I did accomplish a few ‘first time’ stuffs during the trip. I was so grateful for this opportunity. I wouldn’t say that I perform well in my job and it wasn’t that smooth for me as well. Life isn’t as smooth as you think anyway. Sadly, I didn’t manage to pick up guitar skill this year:( I did manage to get out of my usual comfort zone abit, I guess? I feel that my Korean did improve quite alot, based on my trip experience. I don’t think I had paid off at least 30% of my tfl, probably only ard 10%?

So let me set my resolutions for 2015:
1) To get TOPIK cert level 3/4
2) To visit Korea again
3) To try out kor-eng translation
3) To lead a healthier lifestyle
4) To pick up a new skill
5) To find a higher salary job with good prospects

영원한 건 없지만

I should have share his title song but I like this song too and its lyrics.
Somehow I love his 2nd album. It gives me the comfort feeling when I’m listening to the songs.
I can’t say that his songs are fantastic, but listening to his soothing voice is so comforting to my soul.
Also, his lyrics are always simple and meaningful.
Aww…I can’t believe that I’m actually going to meet him soon. Yay^^

Nothing lasts forever.

D-44 to 여행

As the day gets nearer, I can finally reveal what’s the big deal in October:D
I’ll be going to Korea (again!) YAY!!
This time, it will be a special trip and I’m staying longer than the previous trip.
Another exciting thing is – I’ll be attending Roy Kim‘s concerts.
Yes, it’s concertS because there will be two sessions in Seoul.
How could I just attend one only? Thank god my wish finally come true^.^
I’m thinking of whether I shd go and have a glance of JJY in MBC. XD